Business In The Community

Connecting businesses and community organisations to drive local impact across the UK

Our goal is to build healthy, diverse and skilled communities, which enable all members of the community to prosper and thrive. How do we do this?

Business in the Community harnesses the skills and time of our 600+ business members to support the needs of local community organisations across the UK. Our team broker and nurture connections between our members and community organisations to facilitate positive social change, across the UK.
Through our programmes community organisations can access free one-to-one support, consultancy, pro-bono services and skills training from Business in the Community’s network of business members.

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Our skills matching platform is the easiest and most efficient way to get your organisation’s operational or strategic need matched with a business volunteer, or to offer your professional skills support to local community organisations. Through the platform we have successfully supported over 5,000 different requests from community organisations. Some of the key topics our business members have supported community organisations with include digital marketing, leadership and management, business strategy, bid writing, HR, project management, finance.

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What others have done

See how Business in the Community brokered relationships between businesses and community organisations to respond the needs of communities, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To find out more about the various programmes we run to connect businesses with community organisations and to sign up to our skills webinar series, please visit:

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